Send It Back


Poster design documenting a collaborative proposal, created with Tania Allen, called Send It Back. The poster was accepted for digital showing at the 2010 AIGA Design Education Conference Response_Ability.

About the Send It Back program:
There are pharmaceuticals in our drinking water and scientists don’t yet know the full effects. 35% of the pharmaceuticals found in our drinking water come from the improper disposal of over the counter and prescription medications. In addressing this problem and investigating possibilities for intervention, we found three solutions: Pharmaceutical technology that creates biodegradable pharmaceuticals, take back programs that give consumers a way to dispose of their unused or expired pharmaceuticals safely and filtration technology that extracts all of the pharmaceutical by-products from the water supply.

Ultimately, it is far more effective and less expensive to keep contaminates out of the water in the first place. Filtration technology has been deemed too expensive and without pharmaceutical advancement in this area, we chose to promote a national take-back program. Our goal was to design a system that would support and encourage the use of a take back program. Our program is named send it back and we are primarily addressing people who are in the ready to act area of the David Rose audience readiness matrix. Whenever appropriate, we addressed people in the ready to hold an opinion area as well.

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